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Chocolate Guardian

Week 13/52

Hey! Mr. Iron Man… it just a chocolate not a GOLD, don’t take it seriously although it look like a GOLD,

Fun Chocolate Facts

Many people are interested in reading fun chocolate facts, as chocolate is a common favorite among candy and dessert enthusiasts all over the world. Its rich, burnished flavor and melt-in-your mouth goodness create irresistible treats for its pious followers. What you may not know, though, is that beyond those boxes and tinfoil wrappers, some interesting and fun chocolate facts exist about this sweet confection. 2000 years ago, chocolate was first consumed as a beverage by the Mayan Indians from southern Mexico. Even before the people began brewing the cacao, the beans were used as a form of currency. Cacao beans taste bitter in their natural state. In fact, the term “chocolate” originated from an Aztec word, Xocolatl, which means “bitter water.” Chocolate literally is the Food of the Gods. The cacao beans that are harvested come from a tree species with a genus name of Theobroma, which translates to (you guessed it) food of the gods.

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