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Duck Discussion

Week 23/52

Duck 1: Hey guy… can you see the man standing there? What is he doing with a black box on his hand?

Duck 2: That black box is call camera.

Duck 3: Then why he pointing at us? I feel uncomfortable…

Duck 4: He is trying to photoshoot us.

Duck 5: What??? Are you say “SHOOT”…?

Duck 3: Oh god, I don’t want to die… I still young and single.

Duck 1: I don’t want be shoot to die, I rather be roasted and served on table…

Duck 2:  Guy… photoshoot won’t kill you. In other word mean capturing the great and beautiful moment of life.

Duck 5: Are you mean that the man are capturing the great and beautiful moment of us?

Duck 4: Yes indeed, so just give your best pose for him to shoot.

Duck 2:  Yes and who know you might become the superstar and get a lot of “LIKE” once he posted on the website.

Duck 1:  Oh really… hey guy, do you think I need to put on more lipstick… err… how about my eyeliner? Are they look pretty?

Duck 2: “Speechless”…

Duck 4: “Faint”…

F/5.6, 1/80 sec, ISO – 200, Photoshop CS6

Project #23

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