Duck Discussion

Week 23/52

Duck 1: Hey guy… can you see the man standing there? What is he doing with a black box on his hand?

Duck 2: That black box is call camera.

Duck 3: Then why he pointing at us? I feel uncomfortable…

Duck 4: He is trying to photoshoot us.

Duck 5: What??? Are you say “SHOOT”…?

Duck 3: Oh god, I don’t want to die… I still young and single.

Duck 1: I don’t want be shoot to die, I rather be roasted and served on table…

Duck 2:  Guy… photoshoot won’t kill you. In other word mean capturing the great and beautiful moment of life.

Duck 5: Are you mean that the man are capturing the great and beautiful moment of us?

Duck 4: Yes indeed, so just give your best pose for him to shoot.

Duck 2:  Yes and who know you might become the superstar and get a lot of “LIKE” once he posted on the website.

Duck 1:  Oh really… hey guy, do you think I need to put on more lipstick… err… how about my eyeliner? Are they look pretty?

Duck 2: “Speechless”…

Duck 4: “Faint”…

F/5.6, 1/80 sec, ISO – 200, Photoshop CS6

Project #23

About The Inspiration Shots

My name is Tommy Too and I'm a newbie in photography and blogging. The intention of creating this blog is to share some of my work and to keep track the improvement of my photography skill. Nevertheless the most important thing is to getting feedback or comment from other professional photographer just like you.

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  1. Lol! Funny! Great picture!

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  2. The conversation is funny, and it’s a good picture 🙂

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  3. I loved this “Duck Discussion” You are amazing. Thank you and also Thanks for visiting my blog too. Have a nice day, love, nia

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  4. lol…. nice post…. hope to see more…haha

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