Parasitic Plant‏

Week 32/52

A parasitic plant is one that derives some or all of its nutritional requirements from another living plant. All parasitic plants have special organs, named haustoria (singular: haustorium), which connect them to the conductive system of their host and provide them with the ability to extract water and nutrient from the hosts. About 4,100 species in approximately 19 families of flowering plants are known. Parasitic plants have a modified root, the haustorium, that penetrates the host plant and connects to the xylem, phloem, or both.

F/4, 1/8 sec, ISO – 800, Photoshop CS6

Project #32

About The Inspiration Shots

My name is Tommy Too and I'm a newbie in photography and blogging. The intention of creating this blog is to share some of my work and to keep track the improvement of my photography skill. Nevertheless the most important thing is to getting feedback or comment from other professional photographer just like you.

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for liking my post! Let me know what you think of my blog. I will follow your blog and check it out.

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  2. Looks like a FORTRESS! I keep looking for a “magic switch” to open up a “Narnia-like” path into another world. Very cool pic.

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  3. Gorgeous shot.

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  4. Strigolactones and mycorrhizal fungi have a relationship in which Strigolactone also cues the growth of mycorrhizal fungus. Stem parasitic plants unlike most root plants germinate using the resources inside its endosperm and are able to survive for a small amount of time.

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  5. Thanks for finding my post You have a creative eye for what makes an interesting photograph. Namaste.

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  6. WOW! I feel like I could run right up the tree! Love it!

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