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Shapes in Our Life

iPhoneOgraphy – 03 Jan 2016 (Day 3/366)

A shape is a geometric figure that can be described with mathematics. One way to classify shapes is to describe a bigger kind of shape that the shape is one of. For example, they can be classified by their different numbers of dimensions. Thus, circles are two-dimensional shapes so, like other 2D shapes, they will fit into a flat plane.

Three-dimensional objects like cubes will not fit inside a plane, because they are not flat. Four-dimensional shapes made of polygons are called polychorons, and shapes made of polygons of any dimension are polytopes.

Two shapes are said to be equal, if one can be changed into the other by turning, moving, growing, shrinking, or more than one of these in combination.

A rectangle is a shape with four sides and four corners. The corners are all right angles. It follows that the lengths of the pairs of sides opposite each other must be equal. A rectangle with all four sides equal in length is called a square.

There are many type of other shapes that we always see in our daily life, example; wall, brick, door, window and etc.…

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