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Haunted Staircase

iPhoneOgraphy – 06 Jan 2016 (Day 6/366)

There is a rumors saying that the staircase level 4 at this apartment was haunted by a lady spirit, how true is it…? I’m not sure. To those people who believed the existing of the spirit, yes it is but to those people who doesn’t believed it, no it’s just a rumors.

I had heard some story from the nearby neighbour saying that there is a sound of lady sobbing and running during night time around the staircase. Even the current duty in charge security did mentioned that he also had heard from the previous security colleague claiming that, one day during his night duty patrolling he saw a lady was sitting at the staircase, at first he was calling the lady few time but no response from the lady then he was thinking that the lady might having some problem and try to walk nearer to her to see what was happening but when he walk nearer to the lady, he get shocked because that lady was eating a raw bloody chicken and he tried to run away but he couldn’t because he feel that his two legs was grabbed by something. He tried to shout for help but it seem like no voice coming out from his mouth. Suddenly the lady spirit disappeared in a split of second without any reason. At that point of time the security known that what he see is not a person. After the incident that security had tendered his resignation.

Beside this, the two units nearby the staircase at this apartment was remain empty till today and been told that every new tenants moving in will not stay too long. It is strongly believed that all the past tenants had been disturbed by the spirit. Why and what actually had happen to the lady spirit which haunting around the staircase till today still remain a question mark?

What do you think? Do you believe in spirit?

Shot & Edited using iPhone 6+

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