Balance Between Good & Evil 

iPhoneOgraphy – 20 Feb 2016 (Day 51/366)

“In this world, there is no absolute good, no absolute evil,” the man said. “Good and evil are not fixed, stable entities but are continually trading places. A good may be transformed into an evil in the next second. And vice versa. Such was the way of the world that Dostoevksy depicted in The Brothers Karamazov. The most important thing is to maintain the balance between the constantly moving good and evil. If you lean too much in either direction, it becomes difficult to maintain actual morals. Indeed, balance itself is the good.” – Haruki Murakami

Shot & Edited using iPhone 6+  

About The Inspiration Shots

My name is Tommy Too and I'm a newbie in photography and blogging. The intention of creating this blog is to share some of my work and to keep track the improvement of my photography skill. Nevertheless the most important thing is to getting feedback or comment from other professional photographer just like you.

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  1. Yes, I agree but I do think we’re learning all the while and that it never stops, never-ending because we can never be fully learned. I’m always curious, hovering whilst trying to understand and make sense. Now I realise it just is and things will just play out the way the power that be wills it. The master intelligence which humans term with many names.. Thank you I enjoyed reading. 😊 💐

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