The Castle Tower

iPhoneOgraphy – 10 Jun 2016 (Day 162/366)

A fortified tower (also defensive tower or castle tower or, in context, just tower) is one of the defensive structures used in fortifications, such as castles, along with curtain walls. Castle towers can have a variety of different shapes and fulfil different functions.

Square or rectangular towers are easy to construct and give a good amount of usable internal space. Their disadvantage is that the corners are vulnerable to mining. Despite this vulnerability, rectangular towers continued to be used, and Muslim military architecture generally favoured them.

Wall towers, also known as mural towers, provide flanking fire (from crossbows or other projectile weapons) to a straight part of the curtain wall. Corner towers enfilade the two adjoining wall faces. If corner towers are far apart, additional flanking towers may be added between them. Towers in an outer curtain wall are often open at the back.

Particularly large towers are often the strongest point of the castle: the keep or the bergfried. As the gate is always a vulnerable point of a castle, towers may be built near it to strengthen the defences at this point. In crusader castles, there is often a gate tower, with the gate passage leading through the base of the tower itself. In European castles, it is more common to have flanking towers on either side of the gatehouse.

Shot & Edited using iPhone 6+

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My name is Tommy Too and I'm a newbie in photography and blogging. The intention of creating this blog is to share some of my work and to keep track the improvement of my photography skill. Nevertheless the most important thing is to getting feedback or comment from other professional photographer just like you.

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  1. Is the blue in the windows real? Beautiful!

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  2. Interesting! I really like your site as it informs the user about facts they would not normally think about. Well done.

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  3. Hi, I really like the way you told us, the viewers about The Castle Tower, which I think is cool. I also really like the way you inform us about the history and facts as well on other posts you have done. I also do photography as well, my website is, and I do creative photography, landscape photography, and photography in general.

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  4. Beautiful and very interesting 👌

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  5. Beautiful pictures –

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  6. good luck with your journey. Looks great so far!

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  7. Great capture as well as great information, and loved the blue trim on the doors….

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  8. Creative and wonderful image! Excellent photography!
    Appreciate the information.

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  9. Very nice photograph and a well researched post. You obviously know your fortifications. The oldest forts we have in California are 19th century Russian and American ones and I just shot pics and posted about Sutter”s Fort here in Sacramento, the trading fort of Swiss/American John Sutter during the Gold Rush.

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