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Ancient Chinese Pottery

Week 50/52

Chinese Pottery is one of the oldest in the world. Ceramics were used for making pots before bronze was invented. Vessels of clay were used mostly for rituals or for any other utility purpose. Thereafter Kilns were discovered in China. Chinese were one of the first people to use Potters wheels after a couple of years. The Neolithic Culture was developed soon after in China. Some of the Neolithic cultures are Miao-ti-kou, Lung Shan, and Yang-Shao. Various types of Vessels were used in Ancient China especially Earthenware Vessels which were usually handmade and had striations. The concept of using jars in funerals and also for pulling out drinking water from pools which were very famous in the ancient history of Asian countries was very well developed and in use in Ancient China. The Yang-Shao Water Vessels are very famous all over the world. Yang-Shao Culture was practiced in around 5000 BC and it corresponds to the modern Henan and Shanxi culture known today which was excavated in 1977. The Neolithic Culture belongs to 10,000BC. It was during this period that the Chinese Villages were first found. Introduction of different forms of art and architecture was at its peak in this period. In ancient China Pottery Carvings became very famous. The Credit of discovery of the fruitful uses of clay can be given to a great extent to Ancient China and its creativity. Different forms of Pots were made in Ancient China especially in the Ancient Chinese Villages. Different designs and motives were engraved on the pots in the Villages in Ancient Chinese Villages and sold in the Urban Markets. Chinese motives have been various famous all over the world and often the motives engraved on these pots show the ancient culture, tradition, history. It also is of a lot of evidentiary value. A few of the pots belonging to the Ancient Chinese cultures are also very important from the archaeological perspective. Although the Neolithic period was very famous however it has also come under scrutiny and dispute because of a lot of ambiguity which exists between facts and fiction. Clarification and classification between the two is very essential, however Ancient Chinese art and architecture as well as its inventions.

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