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Terrible Traffic Condition

iPhoneOgraphy – 08 Apr 2016 (Day 99/366)

This is the most terrible traffic condition I had ever see in my life, I was thinking what will happen to me if I’m the one who driving and stuck in such condition. What will you do if you are the one who caught in such traffic condition?

This shot was taken on the crossover bridge at Pratunam Bangkok, whereby it is the most famous and large place for shopping (especially for lady it is their paradise)….

Shot & Edited using iPhone 6+  

Continuous Traffic Flow

iPhoneOgraphy – 07 Apr 2016 (Day 98/366)

Today random shot from 19th floor high at Pratunam Bangkok. The traffic flow seem never end which caught my attention. Found it was very interesting and feel curious about it. I’m not sure is it the busiest road in the world?

Shot & Edited using iPhone 6+  

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